Many of us have come across the term ‘free spirit’. However, what does the term actually means? Most people feel that a free spirit is a person who is an utterly adventurous human being with a zeal for the wild world or having a carefree fascination. However, the term could have a number of other definitions and connotations than what we fathom. Even extroverts who are uncompromising in their ‘me time’ and the hopeless romantics who move from one partner to another are the people who fall in this broad criteria.

To give a more specific definition of this kind of people it can be said that a free spirit is a person who does not live by a set of rules. These types of people often tend to make their own rules and play by them no matter where they end up at the end of the day. Such people often have an aversion of being tied down to long term commitments and meet the expectations of the people. Sometimes they even happen to be a little irresponsible although it cannot be taken as a rule. It is always good to have such creative people around you because they often release you from the boredom and the monotony of your general life.


Understand your trait: Are you a free spirit?

If you wish to find out that whether you belong to this group or not then the following are some of the traits that you can be on the lookout in yourself to affirm whether you are a ‘free spirit’ or not.


Losing track of the time easily 

One of the most significant attributes of a person who is a free spirit at heart is that they can get completely immersed in the present moment of his or her life. No matter what they are doing, work or enjoyment they happen to get engrossed in the experience completely and lose the track of time. If you happen to lose the track of time with such high frequency it is quite an indication that you are but a free spirit at heart. To you, this means that you are completely engrossed in the work you are doing currently and the other things are simply oblivious.


Love to Dream 

Daydreaming is yet again a pertinent sign of being a free spirit. Research has opined that daydreaming is one of the most effective things to do and is simply not a wastage of time. This is the time you spent thinking about the future expeditions and the adventures that you wish to undertake, the new experiences you wish to gather for yourself and reminiscence a number of other things that could be spiritually elevating, emotionally relaxing and pampering all your other senses. This is a practice that is indicative of a higher level of intelligence and can be more productive than we realize.



This does not mean that you cannot sustain closed environments or remain confined in closed spaces. This claustrophobia is more metaphorical in its nature. Often if you feel too claustrophobic if you are in the company of the same set of people it could also be an indication of the fact that you are a free spirit at heart. Once you spend a lot of time with the same set of people you feel the need for extending and increasing your horizons and meet new people and see new places in search of new experiences.


Long-term commitment can sound like a problem 

This does not mean that such people are not dependable enough for long term relationships! They can have some really long term and successful relationships both in their personal and professional spheres but some short term and easy contracts and agreements are also much appreciated.


Enjoys a detour 

One of the most important characteristics of such free spirits is their aversion for routine and repetitive jobs. This could happen in any walk of life when you might want to take an early break or leave from your work and take a different route to your home back. This could mean that the road or the route will be a new and an unknown one where you might have to travel a little longer and a little extra but the change of the scenery is all worth the late arrival at home.


Knows the tidbits of work-life balance 

Free spirits always work to live and never the other way round! This does not mean that you value or respect your work any less, but it also means that you cannot dedicate all your time and energy to space. You also need some quality time for yourself, your life, family and loved ones. You like to maintain a work-life balance which is simply not negotiable in any other way.


Experiences are more important than materialistic achievements 

Make an evaluation of your likes and fondness. Often it is more than enjoying the luxury of a new car while you enjoy a drive with your family or other loved ones. Free Spirits are people who value experiences more than possession of materialistic things and related comfort and euphoria. These are the people who will choose experiences like going to a movie with your friends and family, the memories of a great vacation or trip and a dinner date with your beloved anytime over any materialistic thing in the world. Even research has proven the fact that people happen to enjoy more when they spend on experiences rather than any materialistic item.


Not sure about making choices 

This can be a tormenting idea for a free spirit any time in any place. The idea of making a choice often means for such people to leave out on the other options that are available on their menu. While this could be a settling idea for many people, if you are a free spirit making a single choice out of the available options can leave you a little bummed and you may feel a little low with the whole concept.


“Me Time” is simply not negotiable 

Although free spirits are often seen as extrovert natured people who can live up to the moment all the time they always need a certain amount of quality ‘me time’. This means that no matter how much they enjoy other people’s companies, they know that it is their won company that happens to be the best. Hence you will often find such free-spirited people getting immersed in their own thoughts and ideas where they start planning on their next stint and their upcoming adventures.


Don’t see Roadblocks, see Opportunities

You’ve always been a good problem solver at heart. And troubles don’t easily intimidate you or even make you bother. You do realize that just because it feels like you’ve come to an impasse doesn’t really mean that there’s no way of finding your way out. For the matter of fact, when problems rear their heads, you take on the opportunity to tackle them head-on. This nature is a true sign of your strength and power.


However, any true free spirit is probably a mass of contradictions in itself. There is always a lot to learn about them from this universe. Every part of energy contributes and makes it even. One just needs to embrace these energies and grow through them.

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal is a Gifted Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach who is passionate about empowering people. She encourages each individual to trust their inner self, which allows them to reach their highest potential. Her specialities include Relationship, Financial, Soulmate readings, thru various modalities like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Numerologist. She is here to help you with your enlightening path on spirituality.