People think spirituality without religious practices is not possible. This is not true; in fact, spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Spirituality is a very personal matter of an individual that has no single path, no single definition. Again, spirituality has no definite perspective. Its perspectives change with the personality and perspective of seeing this universe. Spirituality needs no formal education to develop and expand in a person.

Spirituality is not going to a Church or studying the Bible or any other holy book. It is neither a belief system like faith in a particular region or following some century-old customs. Anyone on this planet can make a conscious effort to become spiritual or grow more spirituality. Over the centuries, the world has been witnessing the works of several spiritual experts whose life and speeches teach us a lot about spirituality.

If you are really interested in enlightening your inner-self and experience the true essence of spirituality, read the following six motivating tips to become a more spiritual, energetic, and happier person:


Never keep any hatred in mind and learn the art of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a great human virtue but it is equally tough to habituate. Forgiveness is crucial for overall spiritual growth. A human brain is an amazing machine. It consciously reminds you of every single incident where you felt humiliated. But the same human brain can be trained to forgive someone instantly and just move on. Take a pen and paper; write down the names of all those people who have done any wrong with you. Then name each one of them and say “I forgive you for all wrongs you have dome with me”. After you spend some days training, it will become your habit.


Keep utmost patience in everyday life

Keep patience in every act. The world today has been losing spirituality because people are now very impatience in their everyday life. People want everything instantly and when they don’t, they become frustrated or angry. Practice patience in your daily chores, while driving, while waiting in a queue, and in-office works. More you show patience better for your spiritual life. Soon, you will see that you are feeling happier; you will realize that the world is so beautiful.


Be truthful to yourself and to the world

In order to be more spiritual, you need to have a clear heart. A person who has a natural habit of lying frequently carries a negative aura with them. People surrounding them easily realize that this person is not dependable. It is a hindrance in the path of spirituality. Just the opposite happens when a person is truthful in his every act. That person bears a strong positive aura wherever they go.


Your instincts are an authentic guide

A spiritual individual knows the value of applying instincts in decision making and in everyday life. In your spiritual journey, your instincts can be your trusted friend. Listen with the patient what your gut tells you and move on accordingly. When forgiveness, patience, and truthfulness become part and parcel of your life, your instincts also become more powerful. That is why spiritual leaders say “listen to your inner-self”.


Never envy anyone in life

If you envy your friends and colleagues for their success, you actually harm yourself. Spirituality and selfishness cannot go hand in hand. Envy makes you a selfish person and a selfish person cannot progress through the path of spirituality. Congratulate everyone on their success, learn from their success, and open-heartedly praise them. Envy is a normal human feeling but you can practice transforming this to something kind and good to be more spiritual in life.


Meditate daily, it helps a lot!

Keep at least thirty minutes for meditation every day. Meditation helps to connect you with your inner-self and with the universe. It brings peace in your mind and makes you one of the finest human beings in the world. It enhances clarity and makes you aware of your very existence. Meditation has lots of other positive aspects. On the regular practice of meditation, you will become a more spiritual individual.


Let go of your fears

Whatever makes us the most unhappy, is it the fear of our future or the fear which comes with accepting our past. We cannot change, control or predict both — so the best is accepting and letting go of whatever happened. We really need to start to look forward to the unknown and embrace everything that comes into my life with a big dose of gratitude. One must carry enough courage to do what he/she wants to do.

For example, I was extremely afraid to publish my blog. I was afraid to follow my passions (although I have a “real” job and a degree) and dive into something completely different. But with the help of training my self-awareness and spirituality, I became fearless and accordingly unstoppable. So, do realize that overcoming fears makes us so much stronger.


Embrace Change as the only constant

I started to see, that everybody and everything around me, including myself, is changing constantly. Keeping in mind, that everything and everybody is a constant change, made my life easier. Our cells and our minds are developing every second (even when you’re reading this). Accepting that the only constant changes could make your grudges, judgments, fears, and worries fade right away.


Be Curious with things

The more you would liberate yourself from the boundaries, the more curious you will become. Curiosity occurs everywhere in my life, especially when it comes to your body and mind. As we all have learned, that those are the only two aspects you are able to control. You may start to experiment with your nutrition and with the power of your thoughts and spoken words. And if well executed, the results are incredible. You’ll soon realize that both, your mind and your body are transforming constantly.


Being “spiritual”, “mindful” or just a cool dude is a choice everybody can make during every second of life spent. It’s completely your choice to be a loving, caring, helping, and liberated person. Simply, by being exactly who one is, by being our most divine selves, we’re making this world a much, much better place to live and thrive. In the process, we are also making space for love, magic, growth, and freedom.

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal is a Gifted Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach who is passionate about empowering people. She encourages each individual to trust their inner self, which allows them to reach their highest potential. Her specialities include Relationship, Financial, Soulmate readings, thru various modalities like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Numerologist. She is here to help you with your enlightening path on spirituality.