Human life is too complex. In your daily life you meet or interact with multiple people including your neighbors, colleagues, and family members with whom some tension is going on. You are induced or bound to do some jobs that you don’t like to do. Life is full of problems but these complicated problems or unwanted issues can be solved with “Angel Therapy”.

Hundreds and thousands of examples could be placed where Angel Therapy has eased the life of people solving unexpected problems. To some people, it may sound weird but this happens and it is proven over and again. If you cannot believe then nothing can going to happen whereas if you keep a hundred per cent trust on it, it could do wonder with your life and destiny.

Some insight into Angel Therapy (What, Why and How)

Let’s dwell deep into this amazing world of Angel Therapy. More you know about it, more trust you grow. Whether you believe it or not, Angel Therapy may seem non-existing but it can be proven when you experience it. First of all, you have to trust before it could work on your life. Nobody can see angels in their daily life but angels are omnipresent. They are everywhere and every moment. Experts say Angel Therapy provides the solution to problems that are beyond human control.

Here are some pressing questions that might come to your mind, especially when you are new to it:


What is Angel Therapy?

Angel Therapy is a spiritual healing process. Every human being on this planet has one or more guardian angels those always follow that individual like a shadow. Angel Therapy involves communicating with those guardian angels. Like any other therapy, Angel Therapy is also planned for healing but the planning of Angel Therapy has some special significance in your or any person’s life. It helps you solve all those complex and unexpected issues of life that are beyond your control. As you take an Angel Therapy, you will feel life has become simpler and easier than before. Problems will still there bite you will feel more confident and mentally stronger than ever.


What is the Origin of Angel Therapy?

Doreen Virtue is considered the mother of Angel Therapy. She was a popular and experienced psychologist during the 1980s. She started experimenting with this therapy on her patients in 1996 and got unprecedented results. Thereafter, hundreds of other experts were created. Kudos to never-ending energy and relentless effort of Doreen Virtue who has been teaching others interested in this field to become expert Angle Therapists.


How the Concept of Angel Therapy Bloomed in the Mind of Doreen Virtue?

Since her childhood, Doreen Virtue was clairvoyant. She was a professional psychologist. One day, she got a divine message from her guardian angel regarding a looming attack on her life and the same angle showed her ways to overcome it. At that time, she let it go assuming it a mere hallucination. But, that incident happened and her guardian angel gave guidance to overcome that attack. This time, she didn’t ignore that divine message. It saved her life. Since then, she realized her guardian angels are always surrounding her and every human being on this planet has one or more guardian angels. She started to teach others how to connect with those angels and how to help others address problems or seek solutions from the respective guardian angels. According to Doreen Virtue, angels guide us through our feelings and thoughts. She has written several books on this subject.


How do Angels Guide us and How does the Therapy Work?

Angels are messengers of the Almighty. We have to learn to connect with the angels. Anyone can connect with their guardian angels anytime but they need to believe that angels are there all the time with us. Angels communicate with humans through indications. They guide you in every possible way through signs, divine voices, pictures, certain changes in the environment, and many other ways.


Who are Angels?

Angels are God’s messengers. They are created out of light, love, purity, truthfulness, and universal energy. They spread love and peace on this planet. Every human being on this planet has at least two guardian angels accompanying the individual twenty-four hours. They are surrounding the person ever since their birth and don’t leave until dearth. Angels love us or guide us unconditionally. They are wise enough to guide us in every possible way and whenever we need.


What happens in an Angel Therapy Sitting?

Experts use oracle cards to find the special or extraordinary incidents taken place in a person’s life in the past, how the present time is going, and what can happen to that person’s life in future. The therapist then connects with the guardian angels and listened to the messages that those guardian angels deliver for the concerned person. The concerned person asks different questions and the expert communicate with the angel to get the answers. Sometimes, the expert and the concerned person sit for prayer for getting divine blessings.


What are the Benefits of Angel Therapy?

You get amazing benefits out of an Angel Therapy. Connecting with your guardian angels give you a whole new perspective to life, you start feeling someone is always there with you protecting you or guiding you for your overall improvement. Your life will be filled with love, affection, and energy. You will see some miracles when some day-to-day obstacles will disappear, and some people who are poisoning your life will go away permanently. Your guardian angels are there to fill your life with strength and power to think rationally.


Some Last Points of Angel Therapy

  • Angles are there always with you for guiding you and showing you the rights and wrongs.
  • Angels are there with you for any kinds of help and to show you the right choice for you.
  • Angels are not human-like physical bodies, they are God’s messengers created by the Almighty with light, love, and truthfulness.
  • You can talk to an angel all the time or call them any number of times.



Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal is a Gifted Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach who is passionate about empowering people. She encourages each individual to trust their inner self, which allows them to reach their highest potential. Her specialities include Relationship, Financial, Soulmate readings, thru various modalities like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Numerologist. She is here to help you with your enlightening path on spirituality.

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