Last week, in a session, a reading revealed an unwelcome outcome. Over the phone, my client wistfully said, “I believe if I had been there to pull the cards myself, the outcomes would have been different.” Gently, I asked her why do you think so and she replied, “Doing so, I might get a different result for myself.”

Now, this is a BIG misconception which many people encounter. Many of my clients doubt whether tarot (or my ability to read them) will remain ‘as accurate’ as compared to an in-person session.

One of the most common concerns which are at times fatal is whether there is any difference in pulling the cards. The thing is is that tarot as a practice is incredibly non-dogmatic and there is no one right way to read tarot. Permutations & combinations can be many and can vary extremely.




Connection is Paramount

Just like how that perfect hairstylist ‘just gets you’ and you would go to the ends of the earth to experience that one feeling, your relationship to your reader has the same kind of energy resonance. Not every hairstylist works for every person, you have to find ‘your’ person in order to the best from a hairstyle. Does that mean that one stylist you saw one time and disliked is horrible? Usually not if they are actually in business. They didn’t work for you but are probably someone else’s favourite person.

The same thing goes for readers. There are some clients that for me are just extra easy to tune into, the readings are uniformly accurate, helpful and on point. Then, there are also some people who are difficult to read and estimate, whose readings can be problematic because our energy isn’t compatible with each other. The point is that this connection has nothing to do with whether we are physically present or not. When in-person clients move to phone or video sessions and the readings are just as powerful as their physical presence would.


Tarot Rituals are Flexible

Some readers don’t allow anyone to touch their card deck at all, or they only pull cards from the top of the stack. Other readers allow their clients to hold, shuffle and pick the cards of their choice. Also, there are some readers who do intricate cuts: asking their clients to choose a pile, and I have too watched as some online readers shuffle until the client says ‘stop’. There are about a thousand ways to deal with a physical aspect of reading tarot cards! There is no standard ‘dogma’ beyond the basics.

But here‘s an insight’: a good reader will be just as good with any combination of card shuffling. The magic of a great tarot session comes from the reader’s energy, not from the deck of cards.



Physical Proximity Is Irrelevant

Another common misconception is that as the client needs to be near the reader and that her physical presence will influence the reading towards more accuracy. That’s not actually the case. In fact, any kind of analysis of clairvoyant abilities consistently show that physical proximity is irrelevant, your energy is the only source which it relates to. The take away here is that clairvoyant ability in most cases is not tied to physical proximity whether it be remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairsentience or any of the known ways that people are regularly psychic.

Psychics are hired to find lost bodies, dowsers are hired to find lost items or water, mediums are used to communicate with the crossed over. They are successful due to the skills of the intuitive, not because of proximity to the best friend of the missing person, owner of the ring, daughter of the dead father or anything else. It simply is totally irrelevant in many cases.

So, when you examine this closely, the argument for proximity falls apart.



Like life (or Jurassic Park) Tarot finds a way. Even when I pull out the worst cards in the deck, tarot will find a way to get its message across. Even if I pull out half the deck, tarot will make sure it uses the cards to speak to truth. Looking for a live session for tarot card reading in delhi? Let’c connect!


Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal is a Gifted Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach who is passionate about empowering people. She encourages each individual to trust their inner self, which allows them to reach their highest potential. Her specialities include Relationship, Financial, Soulmate readings, thru various modalities like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Numerologist. She is here to help you with your enlightening path on spirituality.

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