You could see Numerology as a blueprint to your life. Your date of birth, your name, and even your favourite numbers, their combinations, all contribute to relations which impact your life. These relations form lines, angles, and dimensions that give you a picture of the life that you are building each day. These combinations, too, help you understand various dimensions of yourself. Instead, your destiny is a culmination that is more of as the sum of its parts.

This blueprint can help you envision how your future incidents, like building your house, getting married, etc. You are more than the sum of your own parts and your blueprint is like a transparent hack that just needs to be decoded.

Numerology Charts

A numerology chart is created with the information gathered from your birth name and date of birth, often called “spiritual blueprint”. Instead of angles, lines and dimensions, your personal numbers, their meanings, and placements can be drawn on it. The picture of you seek would come to life through this.

Although they use different sects of science to access the information, I think astrology and numerology share a similar blueprint. As astrologer sees placements of planets, a numerologist uses numbers and their placement to dive deeply into facts. For a numerologist, knowing how to delineate a chart is the science called numerology. Interpreting the sum of those parts is the art of numerology.



As an astrologer uses the placement of planets, a numerologist uses numbers and their placements to dive deep into the facts. For a numerologist, knowing how to portray a chart is the science of numerology. Interpreting the meaning of those parts is the art of numerology.

But how could the numbers connected to your birth name and date be insignificant? I’ve studied numerology for over 10 years, and I can tell you that not only are they significant, but they carry the power to tell your story. It is, indeed, the blueprint of your life. And, this is science.



The art of numerology is a little more complex than it actually seems. You can treat numerology as art, but, in two separate, but equal ways. Number one is the interpretation of all those numbers on your chart (or spiritual blueprint). For eg, A person with a 7 Life Path and a 1 Personality number will likely be very different from someone with the same 7 Life Path and a 3 Personality number. One needs to acknowledge and understand the relationships between the numbers with the mindset of an artist. The art of numerology is more than looking at the just simple facts; it’s interpreting the story from the perspective of a narrator.

Does the second area signify what exactly does one do with all those energies? I learned the answer in a hard way during my study of numerology. Two people in my life had the same numbers in their core chart. I loved one of those unconditionally. The other one, not so much! So, I needed to analyze the energies and understand what was supposedly was the best decision which, on embracing, would help me become a better human.




We all make choices as to how we interpret the energies that each number represents. In other words, it’s not the numbers’ fault! How you choose to interpret each number’s energy and how they all meld together in your reality. It is not only the force of numerology but is a force that determines how we plan to create our life.


Similarly, what we often think of as the combination of our analytical left brain and our more creative right brain, we use the science and art of modalities. We have numerology which explains you the best of both the worlds. Whether you want to know more about yourself, your career, your possessions or your loved ones.  Also, decide on the form of business, numerology can supply the much-needed direction. It is your blueprint that helps you to create something beautiful, something worth it!

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal is a Gifted Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach who is passionate about empowering people. She encourages each individual to trust their inner self, which allows them to reach their highest potential. Her specialities include Relationship, Financial, Soulmate readings, thru various modalities like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Numerologist. She is here to help you with your enlightening path on spirituality.

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