Know the use of Pendulum Dowsing and how to take Accurate Decision with the Help of it

Use of pendulum for divination and dowsing is quite pervasive. A pendulum can be your best support to connect with the supreme power or your higher self that has the answer to everything worldly. The art of using a pendulum is not complicated at all. With little practice and soulful focus, you can achieve it in a few days. In this article, we offer detailed information on the use of a pendulum, way of using it, basic requirements to make it useful in getting answers, and how can you start using it?


What is a Pendulum?

“Pendulum” is a quite familiar term. There are two parts in a pendulum asymmetrical light or moderately weighted object and a chain, twine, or chord of 6-10 inch length. The object is generally a crystal or gemstone symmetrical in shape. Most of the time, especially in the current context, a crystal weight is the best one. It needs to have a hook or rink attached with it to attach the chain. The chain can move the weight move in any direction. A pendulum acts as a medium that picks your question and sends it to your higher self or divine power to get the right answer.


Pendulum Dowsing – How does a Pendulum Help in Dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing is used to solve different types of problems of life. It assists you in getting the right answers to the questions that seem too serious or when you feel indecisive. Here are some instances when you can use a pendulum for dowsing:

  • To identify and clear all negativities in life.
  • To identify health issues and find possible remedies.
  • To find lost objects and pets.
  • To identify water resourced underground (in finding water resources dowsing rods are used that works just like a pendulum).

Ways Pendulum Dowsing Work

A pendulum, when used in the correct process directly, connects with your high self or divine power. It is the supreme energy of the universe that regulates each and every activity of this universe including human activity. The pendulum at first receives direction from your higher self and then conveys it to you. As a pendulum moves, you get answers to your queries. You just need to know its movement patterns and what do those patterns depict. It can answer in “yes” and “no”. So, you need to select the questions carefully so that the pendulum can transmit the question to the divine power correctly and convey you the answer in the correct way.


Types of Pendulums Suitable for Dowsing

Different kinds of pendulums are available in the market. You don’t need an expensive one to get accurate answers. It completely depends on you and your inner-self will answer which one is suitable for you. Crystal pendulum is the most suitable one and most popular too. Crystals are connected with clarity and sharpness. Experienced individuals opine that crystal pendulums connect with divine power quickly. Beside, amethyst and rose quartz pendulums are also popular choices. What type of pendulum you use matters less. What matters most is your inner feeling and connectedness with the pendulum. Thousands of examples could be set where individuals use handmade pendulums and get perfect answers.


How to use a Pendulum for Dowsing and Getting Solutions?

Using the pendulum to get serious answers to many problems of your life is not a complicated matter. Anyone can use it just by understanding how does it work and with some practice. The chain of the pendulum is to be held between your thumb and forefinger in any hand. The pendulum chain should not be too long or too short. The ideal length is 6-10cm. Now, take a seat and a table before you. Your elbow should rest on the table and pendulum crystal or gem just hangs over the table without touching the table surface. The pendulum should be allowed to hang still with the help of the other hand. Now, as you remove the other hand, the pendulum will start swinging in different ways.


Try to be as relaxed as possible. Take a deep breath and closed your eyes. Say to yourself that now I’m connected with my higher self. Now, open your eyes and ask the pendulum “show me yes response”, the pendulum will start swinging in a certain direction. You have to remember the movement type. Otherwise, you can write it down on a paper. In a similar way, mark the movement of the pendulum for “No”. Initially, you may not find much difference in the swinging patterns between “yes” and “No”. This is perfectly alright. As you get accustomed to the process, you will find that the movements or swinging patterns are quite different. You have to go through the process every time you need answers to certain problems because the swinging pattern for “yes” and “no” may not be equal every time.


Types of Question you Can Ask the Pendulum

The pendulum can respond correctly if the questions are apt and clear. A pendulum can better answer the question in “yes” and “no”. At the initial stage, ask simple questions to the pendulum whose answers you know. It will help you to gain more confidence. As you become proficient and feel confident ask tougher questions related to your life that could be answered in “yes” and “no”. With more experience, you can ask any question related to your health, relational problems lost a pet, etc.


What if the Pendulum does not Work?

In certain situations, it may happen that the pendulum showing wrong results or not moving at all. Don’t despair or lose trust in the process as it happens sometimes. Following are some reasons when this could happen:

  • Your initial interpretation of “yes” and “no” were wrong.
  • You are tired or emotionally agitated, this may happen.
  • You are too prone to get the answer you have already decided.
  • You are not in a relaxed posture or for any reason couldn’t concentrate.
  • You are sitting too close to electrical equipment or in a place with a higher level of visible or invisible disturbance.
  • The pendulum you are using is not adjusting with your inner vibe.

You need to be undisturbed, positive, and relaxed. You have to keep trust in the system to make pendulum dowsing work for you.

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal is a Gifted Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach who is passionate about empowering people. She encourages each individual to trust their inner self, which allows them to reach their highest potential. Her specialities include Relationship, Financial, Soulmate readings, thru various modalities like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Numerologist. She is here to help you with your enlightening path on spirituality.

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