Know multiple benefits and therapeutic uses of music: Heal your mind and body

Music therapy is a healing process that is fast gaining popularity and acceptance in the current times. This is a form of treatment which is being used in a number of fields, even for some really critical conditions and ailments. This healing method is based on the therapeutic qualities of music that can improve the physical and the psychological health and well being of a person. Patients who are being treated through this therapy are induced to do different activities related to music such as listening to music, singing along, and even making physical movements with music. People undergoing such therapies are also encouraged to play different musical instruments. Meditation is also an elemental part of such treatments.

There are different forms of music notes that are used for such sound therapy. Ideally, instruments that produce powerful waves helps to create positive waves in the brain that can improve human health in a number of ways. From improving the immunity systems of the human body to reducing the stress level, everything is feasible through this music therapy.



Various medical institutes and research centres have endorsed the affectivity of music therapy that can be used in a number of situations and ailments. These ailments could be physical or even emotional and mental.

  • Autism – Research and investigation into the domain have clearly pointed out to the fact that autism is a medical condition that can be treated to a considerable extent with the help of music therapy. Thenille Braubn Janzen and Michael H Thaut have opined in their article that autistic patients can be helped in improving their motor skills and also develop their attention and concentration index with the help of music therapy. This therapy can also help in improving their interaction skills, the socio communication abilities and also neurodevelopment abilities of the autistic patients. Such autistic patients can also improve their speech ability with the help of music and sound therapy.
  • Heart Diseases – Cochrane in his article in 2013 have opined that music therapy and listening to music can be really beneficial for the heart. It improves the blood pressure level and also boosts the respiratory system. Such music therapy can also improve the heart rate especially for those who are suffering from coronary heart disease.
  • Stroke – A stroke is a condition that affects the mobility and the smooth functioning of the entire body. Patients who are in the recovery stage in the condition of stroke often face problems of motor skills, depression and also growing anxiety about their own well being. Doctors and scientists are of the opinion that music therapy can be of much help in this context. It can improve the motor skills of the patients and can also improve their psychological condition. Patients using music therapy in their recovery stage from strokes have experienced lower depression and anxiety bouts.
  • Dementia – Music therapy is also known to be useful in the context of dementia. It has been found to be really helpful for elderly patients who are suffering from the problem of dementia. This is especially true for countries where hospitals are not able to provide quality care for elderly patients. Music therapy is known to improve communication skills amongst dementia patients and also their various behaviour problems such as wandering, agitations, restless attitude and also loss of recognition.
  • Aphasia – Broca’s aphasia is a problem where the patient has a disorder with their language. This problem occurs with damage in the area of Broca and the region of the left frontal lobe. Although patients understand language just well they are unable to produce and syntax language. Neurologists have found that such patients often have a knack of music and indulge in the practice in a rather passionate manner. Hence music enables them to function their brains properly and reach emotional stages that they could not in the earlier times. Although these patients are unable to speak in a proper manner they can often sing rather simply and do well in that context.
  • Psychiatric Patients – Music therapy is known to have a great therapeutic effect on psychiatric patients like schizophrenic patient seven children who are suffering from mental anxieties and other depressive mood symptoms and have gone into a reclusive mode can be helped with the music therapy.


The benefits and advantages of music therapy are quite varied and much humungous. This is one of the main reasons why therapy has attained such huge popularity and acceptance in the different parts of the world. This is a therapy that has been taken up for many conditions and has been treated as one of the most effective supportive treatment methods.

  • Improves Depression – Depression is one of the biggest health challenges that are being faced by the people of the current times. It is an ailment in its own right and affects people of various age groups and certainly both the genders. In fact, research and investigation in the domain have confirmed the fact that depression is one of the main psychological problems that has affected a major part of the global population. It could stem out of various situations like work and personal life stress and pressure, long term treatment from some diseases and even out of no reason as such, just due to plain loneliness. Music therapy has the ability to heal this condition of the psyche and can help a person evolve out of this terrible doom with much less hard work and effort.
  • Anxiety – Anxiety or hypertension, no matter which way you will like to present it, they are basically two sides of the same coin. Anxiety is a problem that just like depression rests with many people of contemporary times. It can lead to a number of other critical physical conditions like increased blood pressure, shooting blood sugar, cardiac problems and so much more. Music therapy is an effective way of battling the situation as it helps to calm and soothe the mind and hence fight the forces of hypertension.
  • Improve Communication – Music therapy is one of the prove ways through which the interaction, interpersonal and the communication skills of a person can be improved in a drastic manner. This is one of the methods that have been applied with a large number of different patients, such as ones suffering from schizophrenia, dementia and Alzheimer’s syndrome.
  • Overall Healing Quality – Music therapy has been treated to be one of the most effective supportive healing therapies that can be used in a large number of conditions. This is a therapy that can support the recovery process of different types of patients.

Since times untraceable music has been one of the elemental parts of the human civilization and its culture. Music is known to have the power to touch and transform the soul. It has a lot of religious importance as ell ad devotion is synced with music big time. In some of the ancient cultures of the world, music is also known to have the power to drive away all forms of evil. It is only in the recent times that the reach and the influence of music have also made its presence felt into the medical domain, where it has played a major role in healing patients suffering from various mental and physical problems and challenges.

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal

Shobha Agrawal is a Gifted Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach who is passionate about empowering people. She encourages each individual to trust their inner self, which allows them to reach their highest potential. Her specialities include Relationship, Financial, Soulmate readings, thru various modalities like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Numerologist. She is here to help you with your enlightening path on spirituality.

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